PCB Assembly Manufacturer in Noida - Cubix control systems

Posted on: 1/10/2019     1:30 AM


Printed Circuit Board Assembly is the nucleus of Cubix’s activities and the foundation of our success. Use of the latest technologies on surface mount assemblies, combined with a craftsman’s concern for perfection, enables our production team to achieve a high level of throughput and yield for the most complex and demanding PCB Assemblies. Through-hole and surface-mount components needed for your products are assembled with care and concern for perfection. Through-hole component installation costs are kept under tight control by means of efficient and lean assembly cell concepts and usage. Also, our staff’s high levels of work ethics, product verification and process validation provides a stable and competitive assembly that competes with the best in its class. Contact Number - 1204335714 More Info - http://www.cubixcontrolsystems.com/