YK Sabharwal Why We Need Him In Indian Judiciary

Posted on: 3/12/2019     3:26 AM


Y K Sabharwal is a big name in the Indian judiciary, and there can’t be anyone like him. His efforts, judgments, and opinions made radical changes in the country and even in the life of many. Today, he is not with us, but it is our responsibility to remember him and work together for the future of the country. Let us tell you, many things have been changed and along with this many milestones have been made. There was one man behind the change we feel today with our rights, sexuality and integrity. Yes, he is Y K Sabharwal the Ex. Chief Justice of India. He brought meticulous alteration in the society, and shook the Bihar assembly by dissolving it. There is so much to learn from him. To know more about him connect here at www.yksabharwal.com.