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Posted on: 12/5/2018     9:52 PM


Impress your dinner guests with hand-crafted serving bowls from Jasper A memorable dinner party has two essential ingredients: delicious food and a beautifully arranged table. While you may be an ace in the kitchen, there is always room to improve when it comes to setting up the table. One way to impress your guests is with hand-crafted serving bowls from Jasper, which will compliment every dish you serve. WHAT MAKES THE BOWLS FROM JASPER SO SPECIAL? Jasper specializes in decorative art for your home and hand-crafted bowls for your kitchen. Some of its best-selling items include the bowls, trays, and vases from the Stella collection, which boast a stylish design and an elegant finish. Every food safe bowl offered by Jasper is manually designed by highly-skilled artisans. Each tray has a short story behind it, inspired by nature, and universal love for beautiful art. These kitchen plates are bound to make your dishes look good, and your guests’ appetite to go through the roof. JASPER BOWL MODELS If you are looking to add a bit of art and charm to your dishes, you cannot do it better than by using the collection of serving bowls from Jasper. Their offering includes everything you need for the dinner table, from salad bowls to party trays for serving snacks and dried fruits. Here are some of the hand-crafted bowl models that you can choose from Stella Large Bowl This serving bowl made of aluminum should be the centerpiece of your dinner table. Its matte exterior design and the beautifully drawn inner flowers are sure to attract your guests' interest. This bowl is great for serving salads, grilled vegetables or fresh fruit. Stella Serving Trays Jasper offers Stella serving trays in large or small shapes at mouth-watering prices. These meticulously crafted platters are the perfect replacements for any bowl for dining. They sport a lavish design with geometrical lines in champagne color with gold finish and can make any dish or snack look toothsome. Stella Plum Tray Another highly-prized item of the Stella collection sold by Jasper is the Plum Tray. This exquisite epoxy-coated tray is the jewel of the crown when it comes to dinner table setup. It is made of pure aluminum alloy and is coated in satin-champagne color that enriches the aspect of meat, vegetables, and fruit. HOW MUCH DOES A HAND-CRAFTED BOWL COST? The bowls from the Stella collection available at Jasper Home Fashions at very affordable price, any bowl for kitchen that you will choose to buy is a bargain. This stellar assortment of serving bowls and trays can add a spark of elegance to your dinner table without burning a large hole in your budget. WHERE CAN I BUY HAND-CRAFTED BOWLS? You can buy the hand-crafted bowls from the Stella collection directly from Jasper Home Fashions or from This online purchase guarantees that you receive the original platters in perfect condition and without the extra costs of a retail store. Jasper also accepts international orders, so you can complete your dinner table arrangement with these exquisite bowls wherever you are. Contact Us Email: Website : Visit our Store on Amazon Jasper Home Fashions