Good News! Leroi online Rendering Services support for 3ds Max, Maya, C4d and Blenders in Chennai and Hyderabad.
Posted on: 11/27/2019     2:55 AM


Leroi Render farm you can make ordinary images look amazing by using a render farm. In fact, it can provide a lot more than usual images. You can also move a step ahead and create 3D images. We currently support CPU and GPU renders for below: - Autodesk 3DS Max with Mental Ray, V-Ray, Maxwell Render and Scanline renderer - Autodesk Maya with Mental Ray, V-Ray, Maxwell Render, Maya software and Arnold Renderer. - Maxon Cinema 4D with Advanced Render, Physical Renderer, Maxwell Render, Arnold Renderer and VRAY for C4D. - BLENDERS. - Glare Technologies Indigo Renderer. Pricing Starts from Rs.40 per render hour per server onwards. Contact Details Mobile no: (Vikram) +91 9972843768 EMAIL: Website: