Lexicon Consultants Pvt Ltd

Posted on: 7/29/2019     12:20 AM


Enterprise Web Portals Service : Lexicon builds enterprise portals, tailored to the business needs of the organization. We do end-to-end application development. For eg, your business may require tracking the delivery of items against purchase orders awarded to your suppliers. We will build the software that will enable you to do this seamlessly. We cover the entire software development lifecycle. Lexicon has expertise in open source technologies like PHP, LINUX, MYSQL, JAVA. Enterprises are adopting advanced portal technologies to better connect with their employees, customers, business partners and suppliers. These websites are interactive and contain information that leads to quick retrieval of data. Reduced cost and fast response time to customer needs are few of its major advantages. Content Management Systems (CMS): Lexicon has expertise on open source CMS like DRUPAL, WORDPRESS, JOOMLA and can customize these products to meet your business requirements. A 'Content Management System' (CMS) allows you to control and manage the content within your website - without technical training. Content can be your text, images, audio or video files. CMS come with built-in features to add, edit or delete content. Software solutions built around CMS take a shorter development time compared to building customized software with similar features. Website, Web Hosting, Domains, Email Service : Lexicon builds websites (static or dynamic or responsive) for corporates and small businesses. Static websites are primarily for informational purpose, whereas dynamic websites involve interaction with the site visitor. Responsive sites basically optimize the website for being viewed in mobile devices. Lexicon provides end-to-end service including helping the customer identify the domain name for the website, procure the domain name, visualize and design the website, deploy and host the website, and maintain the website over a period of time. Lexicon offers email service and enables you to get personalized email IDs (your-name@your-business-name.com). Audio and Video Streaming Service : Lexicon enables you to broadcast live (audio or video) your business or personal event. If you have broadband internet available at the event venue, you can easily plug-in the audio or video input to a computer, and upload to the Lexicon audio/video streaming server, from where it will be streamed and viewed over the internet. Networking and Server Administration Service : Lexicon has a team of experts who can remotely manage your servers (Linux or Windows). It includes complete server administration - monitoring, server scripting, backups, maintenance and support (L1/L2/L3). Networking includes administration of routers, wi-fi, switches, etc. Mobile Application Service : Lexicon builds applications for mobile devices that run Android. It has in-house capabilities and expertise for developing mobile applications. If you are considering to build a smartphone application that will augment your online business; or you want to create a new business opportunity and target the mobile users, our team has the capabilities and experience to help you achieve this objective.