Laproscopic Uterus Removal Surgeries in Bangalore
Posted on: 8/1/2019     12:58 AM


What is Laparoscopic Surgery? In Laparoscopic surgery we make 3-4 small incisions for trocars through which we introduce operative instruments. Through the naval port (umbilicus) we put 10 mm & 5 mm laparoscope attached to camera systems and monitor, now the surgeon can see the whole abdomen and pelvis on the screen. All the organs are seen magnified and precisely than in open surgery or Direct Visualization. Why Laparoscopic surgeries have become so popular? Laparoscopic surgeries have become very popular in short span of time, infact they have replaced all traditional abdominal surgeries. Their popularity is due to the immense advantages and they have got over traditional surgeries. Advantages and Benefits of Laparoscopy : * Less pain * Patient recovers faster (24 - 48 hrs.) and can resume to work within few days. * No post operative rest required * No/ small scars on the abdomen * No chances of wound infection * No chances of post operative hernias and adhesions Apart from these benefits, patients also will have immense long term benefits. If you want more details Contact here: Name : Mahesh Mobile Num : 91 8023151873/9900031842 Fax : 8023116750 Mail Id : Website :