Service Apartments Are Better Than Hotel"
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Posted on: 10/9/2018     3:34 AM


Service Apartments Are Better Than Hotel" Service apartments are the growing field in the real estate industry. These are becoming the first choice among the travelers in a quick time. There are many reasons for the growing popularity of the service apartments. Some are the reasons describe below for the growing popularity. 1. The first and the most important reason is the independence in the serviced apartments Bangalore India. The availability of the private space and privacy attracts a huge number of travelers to prefer these apartments. 2. The Second reason is the rate comparison. Most service apartments are charging their fees as per the whole apartment not as per the individual. So this is very good for a group of friend or a business team or a family to accommodate within a limited budget compared to the hotels where the rate charges are per person. 3. Having the unlimited staying opportunity in the serviced apartments Bangalore India is another reason for the growing popularity. The person or family can live for a long period like a rental house in these apartments. The option is opened for one night to one year and even more so people like it very much. 4. Long Staying Charge less in the service apartment. The monthly rent of a service apartment is always less than the charges of any hotel for a month. This is the reason why people like these apartments very much. Finding a rental room is very difficult in the big cities like Bangalore. But, finding a serviced apartment is not difficult for this city. 5. No waiter, no outsiders, no strangers are there in the balcony of the serviced apartments Bangalore India as those are frequently faced in the hotel room. So in hotel people have to live in closed door of a single room for 24 hours whereas in the serviced apartment the garden, swimming pool, balcony with no other person is available. The best thing about the service apartments is the 24/7 hours full tight security which helps to gain more popularity of these apartments 3,300 (negotiable) Bedrooms 2 BHK Type Apartment Permissions Agents Are Welcome Locality AminparaMobile +91 97422 07059