Classic Chess Pieces
Posted on: 12/10/2017     5:52 AM


Product Description: Classic Chess Pieces are one of our great and most liked chess pieces at very less prices than available elsewhere. The Black pieces are made of Rich solid Quality Rose wood and white pieces are made of Indian Boxwood. The pieces are well hand carved with wonderful finishing. The king has prominent cross at the top and the striking sharp points in Queen crenellations, narrow short cut in Bishop miter and significant and expressive Knight carving. The pieces are broad based, King is 3 ¾" tall with 40 mm base. All pieces are weighted and felted with billiards cloth to prevent scratches and add stability to the pieces. Same design is also available in other different wood combination like Ebony wood & Boxwood (Ebony being expensive of all woods) and Sheesham wood & Boxwood. Additional Information: Item Code 8043051652