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Job Type: Full-time   |   Job Postion: Hiring Employee  
Salay From: 15000.00 |   Salary To : 20000.00 |   Hr Email:
Posted on: 5/24/2019     12:43 AM


Your needs for Oil Extractor Machine Commercial will be met by Floracomm in the midst of high-grade yield and efficiency. We have been working in this field from the past twenty years without any break. The motto of Floracomm is to give 100% satisfaction to the customers, so they don't feel rejected with the use of the appliances. Also, we have recently launched oil extractor machines as well for both home and commercial places as well. So, don't waste any more time and connect with us right now through our website We have a wide variety of options and warranty options as well. Talk to our team and then make a final decision for both wholesale and retail purpose.