Ramsol Recruitment Firm

Job Type: Full-time   |   Job Postion: Hiring Employee  
Salay From: |   Salary To : |   Hr Email: ramsol.jobs@gmail.com
Posted on: 2/13/2020     10:59 PM


RAMSOL is one of the leading Recruitment firms in India. We have highly experienced Recruitment Consultants. Our aim is to help businesses across a multitude of industries and sectors with their hiring process. At RAMSOL we have the best Recruitment consultants, our unique UV Hiring Process enables us to shortlist only candidates who are meeting clients technical and general expectations, eliminating the need for multiple interviews and leaving you with the right specialist for the right job. RAMSOL Recruitment consultants speed up organization hiring process through a combination of unique services: *Sourcing through advanced internet research *Having a Powerful network *Possessing an eagle’s eye for scouting potential candidates. *Curated apt candidate listing *Relevant candidate info gathering *Displaying exemplary negotiating skills. *Sure-show candidate line-up for interview *Candidate offer acceptance assessment *Back-up alert and in-time support on offer decline *Seamless candidate follow-up and joining update to organization Visit http://www.ramsol.in/ for more details.