Wood Casting|Casting Metal into Wood at Aglow Exports Inc.

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Posted on: 9/8/2018     4:48 AM


At aglow Exports We’ve Created a Series of furnishings by innovative joinery technique called molten Wood | Wood Casting. items such as side tables, coffee tables, end tables etc. are created by Casting Metal into Wood. The molten metal chairs the area of the wood it comes into contact with darkening it and making a stark contrast against this relatively light colored metal. The charring conjointly causes further splitting within the wood that the molten metal can penetrate in its liquid type and type a powerful bond with as it solidifies. every molten Wood | Wood Casting item is in fact distinctive because of the natural materials used and the minimal hands-on craftsmanship involved in their making. every bit of wood has completely different splits running through it from the drying method, some of which run all the way through to the surface of the furnishings, that makes the metal and it’s charring impact even more prominent in the finished product. The metal we used in our molten Wood furniture collection is aluminum, Brass, Copper and steel. Aluminum, Brass and Copper are preferred metals as it will merely be formed, is nontoxic and is nonmagnetic. Wood we tend to use in our liquid Wood furnishings is that the best and also the finest quality of Wood and the life of this sort of Wood is 100-300 of years. we use tree trunks of Sheesham Wood, acacia wood, Euca Wood for producing elegant furnishings for our worldwide consumers. the two materials used were solid wood and liquid metal and the consequence is nothing but spectacular. By using the mixture of either metal like Brass, Aluminum, Copper or steel and tree trunks of Sheesham, acacia or Euca wood we create luxurious furniture like molten Wood coffee table, molten Wood side table, molten wood wall decor, cast aluminum furniture, aluminum Wood furniture and many more. Email: danish@aglowexports.com Phone: 00915916451630 Click here to Visit Our Website http://aglowexports.com/Molten-Wood.php