Molten Wood|Wood Casting at Aglow Exports Inc.
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Posted on: 8/1/2018     2:35 AM


Designing and furnishings is an art and, the selection of materials is concerning arts and science both. usually we tend to see furniture created out of only 1 material, for instance wooden furniture, metallic furniture etc. so these are the common sort of furniture. At Aglow Exports, our creative team has design something new in the field of furniture. Furniture is objects of applied arts meant for mobile and permanent furnishing of residential interiors. Among various things, it serves for storage, work, eating, siting, lying down, sleeping and relaxing. Furniture can be used on a personal basis, in suites or sets. But today furniture is the center of attraction for people in the world. After seeing this attraction in the peoples towards the furniture, so we have created something utterly different from other types of furniture. We have created a unique combination of wood and metal that is termed molten Wood furniture. If I’m not wrong then you're thinking that how wood can be melt, yes you are right wood can’t be melt as I told you earlier that it is the combination of wood and metal, actually it is casting of molten metal on the wood. The metal we used in our Molten Wood Furniture Collection is Aluminum, Brass, Copper and steel. Aluminum, Brass and Copper are preferred metals as it can simply be shaped, is nontoxic and is nonmagnetic. We melt the metal to its melting point, the Wood we use in our Molten Wood Furniture is the best, and the finest quality of Wood and the life of this kind of Wood is 100-300 of years. We use tree trunks of Sheesham Wood, Acacia wood, Euca Wood for manufacturing elegant furniture for our worldwide buyers. The two materials used were solid wood and liquid metal and the final result is nothing but spectacular. The methodology concerned pouring melted metal directly into the mold that extended from the wood. Wood was burnt by the liquid metal and gave quite an elegant finish to the material. The liquid metal even flows into the slits and holes of the wood, conveyance a powerful and creative result to the furniture. Since alum, brass or copper is melted when poured onto the log, it penetrates each crack of the wood so creating a fusion of the two materials through one terribly strong bond. The Wood Casting furnishings series contains a striking appearance, and, due to its versatility, is equally appropriate for classic and contemporary interiors, the exterior was burned by the method, and therefore the entire plank of wood was then cut lengthwise and inserted into a metal frame to form the ultimate structure. So this how we create our molten Wood furniture collection. By using the combination of either metal like Brass, Aluminum, Copper or steel and tree trunks of Sheesham, acacia or Euca wood we create luxurious furniture like molten Wood end table, molten Wood side table, molten wood wall décor and many more. Contact Us: Email: Phone: 00915916451630 Click here to Visit Our Website