Modular Office Furniture In Pune, Office Furniture Dealers In Pune
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Posted on: 10/7/2017     2:27 AM


Modular Vs. Custom Office Furniture While investing in furniture remember that it is a long-term commitment. Depending on your space and taste you can select Modern or Custom Furniture. Both the furniture types have their pros and cons, and one should understand them before making a choice. Modular furniture gives you infinite design options. It is easily reconfigurable and can accommodate your evolving needs in an instant. Custom furniture, on the other hand, is rigid. Once placed, it cannot be moved or rearranged. To connect with best-in-town office furniture manufactures Modular furniture allows optimum space management. For example, you could use the cubicle walls for file storage, desks as whiteboards for jotting down the to-do list, panels to note down minutes of the meeting. Isn’t it incredibly efficient? On the contrary, custom furniture cannot be used for a variety of purposes, office workstations. Modular furniture offers smooth and seamless finish. It is low on maintenance, and moreover, it is mobile. Does custom furniture offer any of these? Modular furniture might seem expensive in the beginning, but it is a one-time investment. Custom furniture, on the other hand, incurs hidden costs and high maintenance charges. Modular furniture offers eco-friendly benefits and sustainability. For instance, modular wall systems use less material into the built environment and reduce waste. Air-quality is improved as both installation and renovation is dust-free. The safe and natural materials, energy efficient operations make Modular furniture an ideal choice over its custom counterparts. Modular furniture offers culture, productivity, and innovation. Flexible furniture allows the office to meet the changing dynamics of the work environ. This, in turn, improves productivity, retention and attracts new talent. Are you looking for Office Furniture Dealers in Pune? GRC Systems are the ones who could assist you - from construction to reconfiguration - in upgrading your office space with modular furniture. GOODLUCK REVOLVING CHAIRS Sr No-36/01, Kondhwa – Pisoli Road, Dagade Farm Road, Pisoli Pune-411060. Phone: 020-65242229 Mobile: 9922022229,9922950151 Email: Web: