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Posted on: 9/13/2017     2:12 AM


Everyone deserves a good chair. Click to know why? Almost 9 hours of work and then that excruciating backache - this is the bitter truth of our jobs today. Though nothing major can be done about the hours, the backache problem can be addressed. How? Simply by changing your throne - The Chair! The benefits of ergonomic chairs over the traditional ones are as follows: Correct posture: Ergonomic chairs are designed with features like the headrest and backrest. Both these things support the position and help to keep it proper. Moreover, the height can be easily adjusted. It is important that one sits with feet flat on the floor, knees at an angle of 90 degrees and parallel to the hips; and these chairs keep a check on this, Modular Office Furniture Systems. It’s all about comfort: Ergonomic chairs are user-friendly. All the features can be set to fit your individual needs and hence are said to be more comfortable than the traditional ones. No neck problems: The headrest onto the ergonomic chairs supports your head and neck even when you stretch out. This feature prevents neck problems that might further lead to acute Spondylolysis. No back pain: Ergonomic chairs come with a backrest that takes care of the natural curve of your spinal cord. Unlike traditional chairs, these render support to the entire back. Less pressure on your hips: Ergonomic chair comes with a 2 to 4 inches seat depth. This, supports the hips and buttocks and renders less pressure while sitting. Work with complete ease: Not just the headrest and backrest, all the features of an ergonomic chair are adjustable. The swivel feature specifically enables the user to move around swiftly without getting up from the seat or extending and straining. If you are planning to set up your office or thinking of purchasing a chair for yourself, we would suggest that you go for ergonomic chairs only. Log onto - the best in class office furniture wholesalers in Pune and get exactly what you are looking for. Sr No-36/01, Kondhwa – Pisoli Road, Dagade Farm Road, Pisoli, Pune-411060. Phone: 020-65242229 Mobile: 9922022229, 9922950151 Email: Web: